Antonio Turiel's Personal Page

Personal data

Research lines:

  • Operational oceanography
    • Pattern tracking from satellite images
    • Determination of QG streamfunctions from satellite images
    • Remote sensing
  • Image processing
    • Digital image processing and coding
    • Analysis of meteorological images
  • Statistical Physics
    • Multifractal theory
    • Econophysics
  • Computational Neuroscience
    • Information processing in neural networks
    • Statistical characterization of natural images
    • Sensory coding - visual pathway


Supplementary info on some research papers:

Miscelaneous supplementary material:

  • Teaching material for "Escuela para estudiantes de doctorado", February 2007, Universitat de Barcelona. Index here


  • "The Oil Crash", talk on the impending oil crisis, in Spanish, Catalan, French and English
  • "S.O.S.tenibilidad", talk on sustainability issues, in Spanish.
  • "Los verdaderos riesgos de la energía nuclear", talk on the risks associated to the nuclear bussiness cycle of nuclear energy, in Spanish.
  • "The Oil Crash" blog (in Spanish) Access to blog