Personal detalle

Piera Fernández, Jaime

Tf. Directo: 932309537
Ext.: 445757
Despacho: P-89
Líneas de investigación:
- Métodos avanzados de procesado de datos oceanográficos
- Nuevas tecnologías para observacions oceánicas, costeras y de hielo marino

  • Technological development
  • Large scale underwater cabled observatories / underwater sensor networks
  • Autonomous Platforms
  • Citizen-science based instruments
  • Ocean Optics
  • High spectral resolution (hyperspectral) sensors
  • Remote sensing, field measurements and radiative transfer modeling of ocean optical properties to estimate relationships between seawater constituents and ocean color
  • Development of bio-optical-based pattern recognition techniques for monitoring of Phytoplankton Functional Types, detecting Harmful Algal Blooms and studying the biogeochemistry of oceanic and coastal environments.

Research projects (as PI):

  • CITCLOPS (2012-2015). Citizens observatory for coast and ocean optical monitoring. EU-FP7 ENV-2012.
  • MESTRAL (2012-2014). Modelling and advanced observational technologies to link transport processes, optically-active constituents, and water light-field variability in a coastaL ecosystem. Funded from: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.
  • PHYTOSCOPE (2012-2014): Phytoplankton biodiversity multiscale characterization using advanced optical technologies Partners: Marine Technology Unit and Alfred Wegener Institute. Funded from: Total Foundation.
  • ANERIS (2008-2010): Analysis & development of an intelligent oceanographic probe with autonomous sampling capabilities Partners: Marine Techn. Unit, Inst. of Artificial Intelligence Research, Inst. of Industrial Automation, Inst. of Marine Sciences. Funded from: Spanish Council for Scientific Research.
Publicaciones Seleccionades y/o Características:
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