Personal detalle

Turiel Martínez, Antonio María

Tf. Directo: 932309588
Ext.: 445780
Despacho: P-02
Líneas de investigación:
- Circulación oceánica de gran escala
- Métodos avanzados de procesado de datos oceanográficos
- Modelización oceánica y asimilación de datos
Ocean remote sensing; basic research on operational applications in oceanography; structure and dynamics of the ocean at different scales -- Image and signal processing; time-series analysis -- Statistical Mechanics of critical and complex systems; wavelet analysis; multifractal systems; resource depletion; energy policy
Publicaciones Seleccionades y/o Características:
W. Lin, M. Portabella, A. Stoffelen, A. Verhoef, A. Turiel. ASCAT Wind Quality Control Near Rain. 2015. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing.
M. Umbert, S. Guimbard, G. Lagerloef, L. Thompson, M. Portabella, J. Ballabrera-Poy, A. Turiel. Detecting the surface salinity signature of Gulf Stream cold-core rings in Aquarius synergistic products. 2015. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans.
N. Hoareau, M. Umbert, J. Martínez, A. Turiel, J. Ballabrera. On the potential of data assimilation to generate SMOS-Level 4 maps of sea surface salinity. 2014. Remote Sensing of Environment.
M. Umbert, N. Hoareau, A. Turiel, J. Ballabrera. New blending algorithm to synergize ocean variables: The case of SMOS sea surface salinity maps. 2014. Remote Sensing of Environment.
O. Pont, A. Turiel, H. Yahiaa. Singularity analysis of digital signals through the evaluation of their unpredictable point manifold. 2013. International Journal of Computer Mathematics.