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Pelegrí Llopart, José Luis

Direct Ph.: 932309514
Ext.: 445586
Office: B-29
Research topics:
- Large scale ocean circulation
- Climate change
- Small and medium scale ocean processes
Mixing processes and frontal systems, eastern and western boundary currents, coastal upwelling, mesoscale features, modelling of ocean processes, ocean retroflections, ocean physiology.
Selected and/or Characteristic Publications:
P. Castellanos, J.L. Pelegrí, E.J.D. Campos, M. Rosell-Fieschi, M. Gasser. Response of the surface tropical Atlantic Ocean to wind forcing. 2015. Progress in Oceanography.
J. Peña-Izquierdo, E. van Sebille, J.L. Pelegrí, J. Sprintall, E. Mason, P.J. Llanillo, F. Machíın. Water mass pathways to the North Atlantic oxygen minimum zone. 2015. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans.
M. Rosell-Fieschi, J.L. Pelegrí, J. Gourrion. Zonal jets in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean. 2015. Progress in Oceanography.
A. Benazzouz., J.L. Pelegrí, H. Demarcq, F. Machín, E. Mason, A. Orbi, J. Peña-Izquierdo, M. Soumia. On the temporal memory of coastal upwelling off NW Africa. 2014. Journal of Geophysical Research.
P. De La Fuente, C. Marrasé, A. Canepa, X. A. Álvarez-Salgado, M. Gasser, N. M.Fajar, C. Romera-Castillo, J.L. Pelegrí. Does ageneral relationship exist between fluorescent dissolved organic matter and microbial respiration?-The case of the dark equatorial Atlantic Ocean. 2014. Deep-Sea Research. Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers.
A. Hernández-Guerra, J.L. Pelegrí, E. Fraile-Nuez, V. Benítez-Barrios, M. Emelianov, M.D. Pérez-Hernández, P. Vélez-Belchí. Meridional overturning transports at 7.5N and 24.5N in the Atlantic Ocean during 1992–93 and 2010–11. 2014. Progress in Oceanography.
C. Herrero, A. García-Olivares, J.L. Pelegrí. Impact of anthropogenic CO2 on the next glacial cycle. 2014. Climatic Change.