Ongoing theses

An important activity within DOFT is the training of young researchers. Through various programs, grants or contracts and agreements with universities, numerous post-graduate students are integrated into our projects and carry out their research to obtain a master's or PhD degree. In Research>Theses we list PhD theses carried out or supervised by researchers of our department. Here we indicate the PhD theses works currently in progress:

  • Nina Hoareau
    Towards a new generation of SMOS L4 SSS products: data assimilation and error characterization
    Adv. J. Ballabrera, A. Turiel, UPC
  • Patricia de la Fuente
    Materia orgánica disuelta en el Océano Atlántico
    Adv. J.L. Pelegrí, C. Marrasé, UPC
  • Marc Gasser
    Transformation processes of the Mediterranean water outflow West of the Straits of Gibraltar
    Adv. J.L. Pelegrí, UPC
  • Marta Ramírez
    Advanced observational technologies to link transport processes and underwater light field variability in a coastal ecosystem
    Adv. J. Piera, J. Ballabrera, UPC
  • Ana Trindade
    Development of a high resolution ocean forcing product
    Adv. M. Portabella, UB
  • Sergio Ramírez
    Puntos de inflexión de la cinta transportadora
    Adv. A. García-Olivares, ULPGC
  • Dorleta Orúe-Echevarría
    Optimización de flujos de calor y nutrientes en el sistema de corrientes del océano Atlántico
    Adv. J.L. Pelegrí, UPC
  • Ignasi Vallès Casanova
    Retroflexiones en el Océano Atlántico tropical
    Adv. J.L. Pelegrí, M. Rosell, UPC
  • Marta Masdeu Navarro
    Estructuras espacials de les currents oceàniques a diferents escalas
    Adv. J.L. Pelegrí, J. Isern, UPC