Data and simulations

Several DOFT projects generate data that we freely release to the research community and the general public. This is done through web pages devoted specifically to the distribution of this information. You can find here links to the pages that are currently available:


SMOS mission products distribution and visualisation service by the SMOS Barcelona Expert Center (SMOS-BEC). These level 3 (regular grid maps) and level 4 (SMOS data integration with data from other sources) ocean surface salinity and soil moisture products are operationally generated by SMOS-BEC from the measurements obtained by the SMOS (Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity) European Space Agency (ESA) mission.



Visualisation and downloadof sea surface temperature images of the western Mediterranean from 2001 to the present, obtained from infrared satellite data provided by the ICM Coastal Ocean Observatory (COO). The site allows selecting images by date, and rertieving the sea surface temperature for each point by moving the cursor over the image.



Access to graphs of positioning, meteorological and oceanographical data from the SATICE high precision GPS buoys array that operate simultaneously in the Arctic to study sea ice motion as contribution to the ICE-ARC European project. Data from each buoy is streamed over a satellite link to a central computer on the Internet in near real time. Use the Deployments>Data menu in the uppert part of the page.