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García Olivares Rodríguez, Antonio José

Tf. Directe: 932309515
Ext.: 445587
Despatx: B-30
Línies de recerca:
- Circulació oceànica a gran escala
- Canvi climàtic
- Modelització oceànica i assimilació de dades
Transport processes modelling in geophysical systems. Self-organised systems. Fluid dynamics models. Lagrangian models in physical oceanography. Climatic change. Energy
Publicacions Seleccionades i/o Característiques:
A. García-Olivares, J. Ballabrera-Poy. Energy and mineral peaks, and a future steady state economy. 2015. Technological Forecasting & Social Change.
C. Herrero, A. García-Olivares, J.L. Pelegrí. Impact of anthropogenic CO2 on the next glacial cycle. 2014. Climatic Change.
A. García-Olivares, C. Herrero. Simulation of glacial-interglacial cycles by simple relaxation models: consistency with observational results. 2013. Climate Dynamics.
J.L. Pelegrí, P. De La Fuente, R. Olivella, A. García-Olivares. Global constraints on net primary production and inorganic, carbon supply during glacial and interglacial cycles. 2013. Paleoceanography.
A. García-Olivares, J. Ballabrera-Poy, E. García-Ladona, A. Turiel. A global renewable mix with proven technologies and common materials. 2012. Energy Policy.
A. García-Olivares, C. Herrero. Fitting the last Pleistocene delta 18O and CO2 time series with simple box models. 2012. Scientia Marina.
A. García-Olivares, J.L. de Pablos, R. Madrigal. Sailing the Prestige out to sea. An independent analysis. 2011. Scientia Marina.