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Emelianov Kolomitski, Mikhail

Direct Ph.: 932309629
Ext.: 445601-445600
Office: B-39
Research topics:
- Large scale ocean circulation
- Small and medium scale ocean processes
Physical oceanography. Fine thermohaline structure of intermediate waters. Small-scale structure forming processes. Mesoscale structure of thermohaline fronts. The modification of intermediate waters thermohaline structure in western Mediterranean by the influence of small scale structure forming processes
Selected and/or Characteristic Publications:
M. Arcos-Pulido, A. Rodríguez-Santana, M. Emelianov, V. Paka, J. Arístegui, M. Benavides, P. Sangrà, F. Machín, L. García-Weil, S. Estrada-Allis. Diapycnal nutrient fluxes on the northern boundary of Cape Ghir upwelling region. 2014. Deep-Sea Research. Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers.
C. Lo Iacono, E. Gràcia, C.R. Ranero, M. Emelianov, V.A.I. Huvenne, R. Bartolomé, G. Booth-Rea, J. Prades, the MELCOR Cruise Party. The West Melilla cold water coral mounds, Eastern Alboran Sea: Morphological characterization and environmental context.. 2014. Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography.
N.P. Kuzmina, N.V. Zhurbas, M.V. Emelianov, M.L. Pyzhevich. Application of Interleaving Models for the Description of Intrusive Layering at the Fronts of Deep Polar Water in the Eurasian Basin (Arctic). 2014. Oceanology.
S. Ruiz, J.L. Pelegrí, M. Emelianov, A. Pascual, E. Mason. Geostrophic and ageostrophic circulation of a shallow anticyclonic eddy off Cape Bojador. 2014. Journal of Geophysical Research.
A. Sabatés, J. Salat, V. Raya, M. Emelianov. Role of mesoscale eddies in shaping the spatial distribution of the coexisting Engraulis encrasicolus and Sardinella aurita larvae in the northwestern Mediterranean. 2013. Journal of Marine Systems.