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Salat Umbert, Jordi

Direct Ph.: 932309511
Ext.: 445583
Office: B-26
Research topics:
- Large scale ocean circulation
- Climate change
- Small and medium scale ocean processes
Descriptive physical oceanography. Oceanographic data acquistion and processing. Marine Populations dynamics. Geographic areas: Western Mediterranean. Eastern Atlantic.
Selected and/or Characteristic Publications:
M. Estrada, M. Latasa, M. Emelianov, A. Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, B. Fernández-Castro, J. Isern-Fontanet, B. Mouriño-Carballido, J. Salat, M. Vidal. Seasonal and mesoscale variability of primary production in the deep winter-mixing region of the NW Mediterranean. 2014. Deep-Sea Research. Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers.
J. Lleonart, F. Maynou, J. Salat. An analysis of fishing gear competition. Catalan fisheries as case studies. 2013. Scientia Marina.
M. Ribó, P. Puig, J. Salat, A. Palanques. Nepheloid layer distribution in the Gulf of Valencia, northwestern Mediterranean. 2013. Journal of Marine Systems.
A. Sabatés, J. Salat, V. Raya, M. Emelianov. Role of mesoscale eddies in shaping the spatial distribution of the coexisting Engraulis encrasicolus and Sardinella aurita larvae in the northwestern Mediterranean. 2013. Journal of Marine Systems.
J. Salat, M. Umbert, J. Ballabrera-Poy, P. Fernández, J. Salvador, J. Martínez. The contribution of the Barcelona World Race to improved ocean surface information. A validation of the SMOS remotely sensed salinity. 2013. Contributions to Science.
M. Vargas-Yañez, P. Zunino, K. Schroeder, J.L. López Jurado, F. Plaza, M. Serra, C. Castro, M.C. García- Martínez, F. Moya, J. Salat. Extreme Western Intermediate Water formation in winter 2010. 2012. Journal of Marine Systems.
J. Salat, P. Puig, M. Latasa. Violent storms within the Sea: dense water formation episodes in the NW Mediterranean. 2010. Advances in Geosciences.
J. Salat, M. Emelianov, P. Puig, J. Font, L. Fuda. Winter 2009. A new step in the western Mediterranean transition. 2010. Rapports et Proces-verbaux des Réunions. Com. Int. Explor. Sci. Mer Mediterranée, CIESM..